This is an Introduction to our Newest Product,
Holistic Notes™, an EHR (Electronic Health Records)
for the Nutrition Practitioner.

Holistic Notes is a Cloud-Based, extremely User Friendly EHR, designed especially for the holistic nutrition practitioner. Each office visit is easily documented, capturing the area, system, or reflex tested, along with the recommended products, AND specific instructions for each patient. 

The program highlights when each supplement was first prescribed, for accurate and effective patient management.  A major benefit of Holistic Notes is the patient take-home Supplement Schedule. With a couple clicks of the mouse, the patient's Supplement Schedule is extracted from the office visit notes and printed.

First introduced in 2005, Holistic Notes has stood the test of time. It’s elegant, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface is the result of a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work, to turn complexities into simplicities. What began as an idea to produce a professional looking patient take home Supplement Schedule grew to a web based program, with HIPAA certified servers, government grade backups, bank grade encryption, website support, and video and written support materials.


This is a sample Supplement Schedule
produced from the Holistic Notes EHR


This is a Short Video Introduction of the Holistic Notes EHR, Presented by Dr. Bob Baritz, the creator of Holistic Notes.

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Holistic Notes Subscription Pricing

Monthly Subscription
$59.00Initial One-time Set-up Fee: $99.00
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    This is a Monthly Subscription to the Cloud-Based Holistic Notes EHR for Nutritional Practitioners

    Yearly Subscription
    $649.00Initial One-time Set-up Fee: $99.00
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      This is a Yearly Subscription to the Cloud-Based Holistic Notes EHR for Nutritional Practitioners

      The Following is a Comprehensive Walk-Thru
      of the Holistic Notes EHR,
      Presented by Dr. Bob Baritz.

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      Holistic Notes Helps Improve

      • Improved Clinical Results

        The practitioner is alerted to the most beneficial products for each organ or body system selected; better supplement choices gives better results.

        Studies show that many handwritten Supplement Schedules contain errors, as Holistic Notes eliminates the need for copying the Supplement Schedule, transcription errors are eliminated and results are improved.

        Improved compliance = improved results

        The professional looking patient Supplement Schedule builds confidence in your practice and that improves compliance.

        The Supplement Schedule lists a rationale for each supplement prescribed; improved understanding leads to improved compliance.

        Holistic Notes can print patient instructions for each supplement as well as general instructions; clear instructions improve compliance.

      • Improved Practice Profitability

        Holistic Notes can SAVE you money through improved efficiency with a professional supplement schedule seamlessly extracted from your office notes. And the running supplement estimate so you can determine the cost of the supplements needed, eliminating patient “sticker shock” at the front desk.

        Holistic Notes can also create more practice profitability by improving patient satisfaction and giving them the information they want to know. There is no better practice advertisement than satisfied patients.

      • Improved Documentation

        Holistic Notes uses an elegant easy-to-learn, easy-to-use format designed especially for the nutrition practitioner.

        Holistic Notes is fully HIPAA compliant.

        Holistic Notes can be customized to document the muscle testing or evaluation system of your choice.

      • Improved Herbal Safety

        When an herb or multi-herb compound is selected Holistic Notesdisplays cautions, contraindications and herb-drug interactions.

      • Time Saved

        Because Holistic Notes provides key data in a concise manner, it saves loads of practitioner time.

        Because Holistic Notes extracts the patient Supplement Schedule from your notes the extra step of writing the Supplement Schedule is eliminated saving time.

        Because you can access your patient data from any location with an internet connection, you can easily see patients at multiple locations and respond to off-hour calls.

      • Economical

        At only $59 monthly or $649 yearly, Holistic Notes is an outstanding value, one of the most economical EHR systems on the market, and perhaps the only one designed especially for the holistic nutrition professional.

        Risk-free you can cancel at any time.

        Cloud computing is headache-free as everything is included: software, tech support,  upgrades, program maintenance, HIPAA compliance, and enterprise-grade backups.  You not only get the software but also the Fortune 500-level infrastructure and 24/7 IT team with it.

        All For One Low Monthly Fee With

        No Large Upfront Costs and

        No Long Term Contracts 

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      Practitioner Testimonials

      Chelsey Reckis

      "Holistic Notes is easy to use and incorporates the essentials for a holistic nutrition practice. The Supplement Schedule ensures patients understand the supplements they are taking and increases compliance. The program itself increases practitioner efficiency and can be customized for any nutrition office.David Bossvert"

      Chelsey Reckis, Nutritional Response Testing Basic Graduate
      David Bossvert, DC, CCSP

      "Holistic Notes is not only extremely user friendly, but as through a program that I've ever seen. The patient handout is professional and easy for a patient to use. I would highly recommend the Holistic Notes program to any practitioner what utilizes nutrition in their practice."

      David Bossvert, DC, CCSP, Bedford Chiropractic
      Terry Anelors, D.C., R.Ph.

      "ThHolistic Notes program is precise, easy to use and very comprehensive. Products, uses and contraindications are thorough and listed in a manner that is easily understandable. I would recommend this program to any anyone who uses nutrition."

      Terry Anelors, D.C., R.Ph., Harvard Chiropractic
      Alim Muhammad, MD

      "Holistic Notes has simplified patient exams and the patients like the fact that they can walk away with an easy to read program schedule and have a description of the supplements readily available! The speed at which aexam is completed and entered into the system is 100 times better and faster - that means higher quality service for our clients and smoother transition from the waiting room to the exam room to the check out counter! I recommend Holistic Notes to any physician who is looking for efficiency and enhancement to their practice! Its a technology that works. NOW we can truly enjoy running a high quality nutrition practice!"

      Alim Muhammad, MD, Abundant Life Health Attainment Center, Mitchelliville, Maryland
      Dr. Janell Bard

      ""I have been using Holistic Notes for the past few months.  I have found the program to be user friendly, simple, and easy to incorporate my different testing methods.  The program has organized my notes to be more complete. My patients appreciate getting this professional looking printout of their supplement schedule, with descriptions of each product and the reasons the products will benefit them.  Dr. Baritz has been kind, patient and accessible when needed."

      Dr. Janell Bard,

      "Holistic Notes provides our patients with a professional and informative supplement protocol. The program is easy to use and it is nice to have the option to add different supplements that our office utilizes. We like that we are able to give the protocols personalization through the 'Administrations' tab, to give detailed directions."

      Dr. Tony Lebro,

      Patient Testimonials

      "We really like the way the Supplement Schedule is formatted. We find it easy to follow and a useful tool for putting our supplements together. It explains to us why we are taking our supplements and we have a layout of what we are spending which is vital to us. We think it is great."

      Henry and Pearl B.

      "I like the Supplement Schedule because it is a great reference. I often refer to the "Schedule" to ensure I am following the instructions. It is also a very helpful reference to check the descriptions from time to time. It's fun to see why I'm feeling so well and to try to match which supplement is responsible for the progress."

      Mary J.

      experience with the Supplement Schedule is great, it's easy to understand why I need the supplements. The whole setup is easy to read and helps me keep track of when I am supposed to take the supplements.

      Tim L.

      "The Supplement Schedule is clear and easy to understand. The supplement descriptions help when I see my Primary Care Provider and I need to share my supplement program."

      Darlene H.

      "I have found the supplement schedule very easy to understand and follow. It makes reordering a snap, and it helps me to get an overall picture of what the program is aiming to accomplish."

      Richard T.

      "The Supplement Schedule is a very helpful reference when ordering new supplements. If I ever forget what I need, I can just check on the schedule for the name of the product to order. If I forget the number of supplements to take at any time, I have a quick reference to make my life easier. The schedule is helpful and handy!"

      Catherine M.

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