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You're likely spending way too much time on patient documentation, especially if you do Personal Injury Narratives.

Wouldn't you rather be doing something else?

The Report Master Chiropractic Report Writing Software, will put you in control of your documentation.

Report Master

Are You Drowning in Backlogged Narratives, Daily Notes or Personal Injury/Auto Accident Reports?

If you feel you're spending way too much time working on your patients' Narrative Reports and Daily SOAP Notes, then you probably are.  Stop wasting valuable time that you could be using for something else.

The video lower on this page will give you a comprehensive overview of the Report Master Chiropractic Report Writing Software.  Watching all or even part of it will give you a much better idea of how easy it is to create comprehensive Initial, Interim, and Final Narrative Reports, especially Personal Injury Narrative Reports, and concise yet thorough Daily SOAP Notes, all in a fraction of the time you're now spending.


Take a look at these Sample Reports Created with the Report Master Chiropractic Report Writer

Want to create accurate Narrative Reports that will get your claims paid quickly? Then Report Master, Chiropractic Report Writing Software is for you. It's easy to use and helps you write detailed narrative reports in minutes. See a demonstration sample of an Auto Accident Personal Injury Narrative by clicking the "Sample Narrative" button to the right.

ReportMaster will generate professional, concise Chiropractic SOAP Notes in just seconds! We’ve gained the reputation for building the leading Chiropractic Software for writing SOAP Notes that are both extremely accurate and FAST. See for yourself. Click the button to view a "Sample SOAP Note".


Take a look at this Report Master Screen Shot.

The Report Master Chiropractic Report Writing Software is the most comprehensive software of its kind anywhere.  And if you work on Auto Accidents or Personal Injury cases, there is no other software in the industry that comes close to the Personal Injury Narratives produced by Report Master.  It is almost totally point and click.  Reports and Daily Notes can be as short or as detailed as you need.  The key thing to remember is that the software has everything you could possibly need to prove Medical Necessity and get fully paid.

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This is a Comprehensive Overview Video of the Report Master Chiropractic Report Writer

This video will show you exactly how you can save hours weekly on your patient documentation, while also increasing the quality of your narratives and SOAPs,
especially personal injury narratives or automobile accident narratives.

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Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions.

These are some common questions from doctors interested in the Report Master Software

 arrow_s2_blue2_shHow fast is it?

Our clients tell us that complete, typed-up notes take about 30 seconds, and full narratives take about 10 minutes. And they can be produced by either the doctor or his or her staff.


How does Report Master work?

You simply point and click on the various items on the computer screen, or preferably have an office assistant do it, related to that specific patients subjective statements, your objective findings, treatment modalities, x-ray findings, etc, etc. Then the program does the rest. The reports and notes produced truly look like you have spent considerable time manually typing out the reports and notes. They include complete, grammatically correct sentences that are both easy to read and fully describe what you have done and plan to do with the patient.


Can I customize Report Master to say things that only I say?

Definitely. It is, in fact, extremely easy to add and modify your own very distinctive statements. This is one of the reasons why so many of our clients have continued to use Report Master year after year. The more you use the program, the more personalized your reports and notes become.


Other than the obvious reasons of improved documentation for insurance, Personal Injury Cases, Workers Comp, etc., is there any other reason I should get Report Master?

Yes. For just one example, some of our clients have had tremendous success sending out comprehensive Initial Reports, as a professional courtesy, to their patients' primary physician. This can be done with every one of your new patients. Over time this has resulted in significant numbers of referrals from MDs who have become educated in what you are actually capable of doing for their patients, which ultimately makes them look good as well. With Report Master this can be done with a minimal amount of effort.


Is your Tech Support really FREE and unlimited?

Yes! When you purchase one or more licenses to the Report Master Software, you will receive Free, Unlimited Phone and Online Tech Support and Staff Training for a full year after purchasing the software.  After the first year you'll be charged a yearly nominal amount ($150 a year or $12.95 a month) for our Gold Club Maintenance program.

You'll also have Free access to our comprehensive Online Technical Support Page and Live Chat during business hours along with phone support. And with well over 25 Video Training Tutorials,  you'll have the answer to any and all of your questions readily available to you 24/7.

arrow_s2_blue2_shHow easy is your program to use?

Report Master is extremely easy. In fact, in many of our client offices, the staff are the ones who use the program, rather than the doctor, which always was one of our goals. We feel the doctor should be spending his time helping people, not doing paperwork.

arrow_s2_blue2_shAre your SOAP and Narrative reports canned?

Definitely not. Report Master has set the standard in proper documentation. Our Daily Notes module is randomized to a point where no two reports will ever look exactly the same, even if you repeatedly generated a note on the same patient for the same visit a hundred times. Key parts of our Narrative Report module are also randomized.


How long has Report Master been in business?

Report Master, Inc. was founded in September of 1994. Report Master is one of the most, if not the most, recommended documentation software in the industry. A large percentage of our clients reach us through word of mouth. So, we haven't needed to spend large amounts of money on magazine ads, unlike some of our competitors.


How does Report Master differ from all the other programs out there?

Report Master is easier to use, more flexible, less expensive, and produces written documentation that is far superior to the other documentation programs on the market.


Why would I spend money on your software when I seem to be getting by OK with my current report writing system (Word Templates, dictation, etc.)?

Chiropractors across the country have told us that documentation requirements are getting tougher with each new year. They tell us that the work required for "proper" documentation is getting proportionately tougher. Where they used to just mark a few changes in an existing report on their computer, they are now required to spend more and more of their time and effort to more fully document those changes. With Report Master, documentation gets easier and easier, regardless of the demands.


Can your software really save me time, and if so, how?

Report Master is extremely fast, flexible, while producing very professional and comprehensive reports and daily notes. We've found many of our clients use much the same information over and over. With Report Master you can easily add your own specific phrases, sentences and paragraphs into the program. Then, instead of having to retype specific phrases over and over, you'll just need to click a couple of buttons to include those phrases into your report.


Report Master Pricing

One Time Start-Up Fee for the Report Master Software Program

1 Seat Licence
$595.00$595.00 is a One Time Start-Up Fee *
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    The software can be downloaded on multiple computers, but you can only have it running on one computer at any one time. *

    Call us for pricing if you need to use the software on more than one computer at a time.

    * When you purchase one or more licenses to the Report Master Software, you will receive Free, Unlimited Phone and Online Tech Support and Staff Training for a FULL YEAR after purchasing the software.  After the first year you'll automatically be charged a yearly Re-Licensing fee of $150 a year for our *Gold Club Re-Licensing & Maintenance Program.


    *Below is what's included in the Gold Club Re-Licensing & Maintenance Program:

    Report Master Gold Club Re-Licensing & Maintenance Program

    1.  Yearly Re-Licensing of the Report Master Software.

    2.  Unlimited Phone Tech Support.

    3.  All Future Software Updates AND Upgrades.

    4.  Secure, Automatic Cloud Based Backups of all your key Report Master Files.

    5.  A Members Only Data Exchange (Members' Forum) where you can share information with other Club Members, such as Automated Codes.

    6.  All Video Tutorials in one location in a Course format, so you'll know which ones you've watched.

    7.  Practice Building Videos and Tips to help you organize and run your practice.

    8.  A Software Download area where you can download your software and always keep Updated, and where you can review all changes to the software.

    Below are the two different payment options for the mandatory
    Gold Club Re-Licensing & Maintenance Program Fees.

    $150.00 yearly or $15.00 monthly
    Sign Up Now for the Gold Re-Licensing Program

    "It has cut my time doing narratives by 75%!"
    Dr. Karen Callaghan

    "I love it. It used to take over an hour to do a narrative. It now takes me 10 minutes with Report Master."
    Dr. Joe Clinton

    "Any doctor who hates writing reports, needs to get Report Master."
    Karen at Dr. Jeffrey Boggs Office

    "With a bit of time between patients, I sat down at my computer and banged out 3 reports."
    Dr. Brendon Bradley

    "When our computers went down, I couldn't believe how hard it was to produce a report without Report Master. We're spoiled."
    Debbie at Dr. Kenneth Copeland's Office

    "I have had 3 Medicare CERT reviews over the last 7 years and every time have passed. I owe it all to Report Master. On one review it was stated by the examiner that the notes "best generated notes I have reviewed."

    - Douglas Sande, Britt Chiropractic

    "Pros: comprehensive and intuitively generated reports. Exceeded my expectations in performance and customer service. The product works great and the training videos are excellent. No support fees!

    "Cons: there have not been any that I've noticed.

    "Overall: After becoming frustrated by my old vendor for poor communication and never ending tech support fees, I decided to go with RM and am very satisfied with what I've gotten. The price is more than fair and the staff at RM is eager to make sure I get the most out of the software."

    - Richard Cimadoro

    "Pros: Ease of use and customization. Easy start up. Very professional notes. Definitely not "canned".  This isn't your typical note creating software.

    "Cons: I didn't have it available when I started practice 17 years ago.

    "Overall: Every office should use this software."

    - Jeff Torkelson, Torkelson Chiropractic, P.A.

    "This program is everything you think you need and everything you could want. RM 7 is by far the best report writing program that I have ever experienced. It is completely customizable and it allows the user the ability to navigate from screen to screen the way your exam is performed. This allows the doctor to perform the exam and do data entry simultaneously. This is what I've been looking for and tech service is unmatched, quick, polite, helpful no excuses just good quality top notch programming. RM 7 is at it's BEST!"

    - Cicily Payne-Nestor, Accumed Wellness & Rehab Center