If You'd Like to Be Spending Less Time on Documentation,
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If You're A busy chiropractor who would rather be doing most anything but documentation, then the Report Master Report Writing Software Program is for you.

Arrow Click on Link 1 below to see the quality of the documentation that the Report Master software produces, and then click on Link 2 to watch exactly how the Software produced those SOAPs and Narratives:

Short History Sample SOAP Notes and Narrative Reports written by the Report Master Software

2 Video Demonstrations of How to Produce SOAP Notes and a Narrative Reports with Report MasterVideo

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What's Included with the
Report Master System?

Here's What You Get:

check The simplest, yet most comprehensive Daily SOAPs & Narrative Report Writing Software System in the industry.

check 700 pages of simple context sensitive Help with a click of the F1 key.

check Patient Intake Forms, Daily SOAP Forms, and comprehensive Initial, Interim and Final Report Forms.


We know your time is valuable. So, either give us a call, or simply fill in the form below, and one of my consultants will get right back to you to set up an appointment for a rapid, customized Live Demonstration of the Report Master Software.

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Here are just a few of the hundreds of Testimonials we have received:


"I was in a very high profile personal injury case with hundreds of thousands of dollars being requested and the prosecuting attorney made the comment to the judge and to the other attorney that I was helping. He said, "You can thank your doctor for having some of the best notes I've ever seen, and that's why you're getting this (about a quarter of a million dollars).
- Dr. Marc VanDriessche -

"I took advantage and bought Report Master and used it and lo and behold we got paid. Usually, we'd have to wait six months to a year to get reimbursed. We got paid in roughly three months, which was phenomenal. So, the program paid for itself the first time we used it.
- Dr. Byron Dennis -

"As far as using the Report Master, no more paperwork. It's wonderful! We use it all the time. An insurance company asks us for a SOAP note, it's one-two-three, print out, there it is."
- Julie at Dr. Thomas Insinna's Office -

"I like the fact that it writes an extremely understandable report, very clean and very concise, and extremely fine grammar. I wish I spoke as well as it writes."
- Dr. Mervin McCormac -

"I’m noted for extended verbiage in my reports and I like to make my reports sound like me. With the Autocode function I can interject some of my own verbiage and it just works out perfectly. It’s really been a timesaver. Everybody (I send these reports to) is just overwhelmed by it and they just think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread."
- Dr. Steven McGee -


This computerized documentation system could easily sell for $2295.00 or more. In fact, we used to sell it for that much. And, on top of that we used to charge an additional $175.00 per year for Tech Support, and Re-License Fees. Believe it or not, we are now actually charging the same amount we were charging for the software over 15 years ago!

So, don't wait. Order Report Master right now, so you can start spending more time on those things you really enjoy, whether it be treating more patients or spending more time with family and friends. Utilizing this computerized system is a simple, proven way for you to dramatically reduce the time you spend on documentation. So, act now before you needlessly waste another minute of your valuable time!

Ron Savelo

Ron Savelo

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