Report Master Testimonials


"I now send Initial Reports to the MD's of every new patient, and the MD's tell me they are the best reports they've ever seen from a chiropractor. As a result, I get more referrals than I know what to do with!"

- Dr. Joe Brongo

"The attorneys I am working with really like the reports. One attorney likes them so much that he is going to start referring me all of his business."

- Dr. Anthony Garmone

"Using Report Master, we're getting 10 to 15 new patients a week from MD referrals."

- Dr. Fokion Avgerinos

"I started using Report Master in 2007. What sold me on the product was the SOAP short form with entries for every spinal level and several additional slots for extremity adjusting. That allowed me to note specific objective findings and adjustments by segment. It was easy to create automated codes for specific techniques. For example, the code "PRS" entered at the L4 treatment slot is "manipulation of L4 was performed using Gonstead Technique as a PRS pull move".

" The only real complaint I had was that you could only move from visit to visit with one 'click' if the format was unchanged. You could navigate progress reports with ease, but not from progress report to initial report or vice versa.

"Fortunately, the new version allows you to move from initial to interim to progress report with ease. It maintains all the features I liked and eliminated my chief complaint. I have an AK practice and record all my muscle testing under the narrative in the physical exam. I typically display that narrative from the previous visit on a large flat screen TV in the treatment room. That way I can review previous testing from the treatment table while treating the patient.

"Although I have a cash practice, the format does generate excellent office notes for submission to third party payers. It is also great for generating reports to other physicians."

- Dr. William Longstreth, Clinical Nutrition & Chiropractic

"Reports that would take months to get done, now are completed the day of the exam."

- Tim Sheppard, Mr. Robert Nielson's Office

"One of the best things we've invested in."

- Dr. Kien Ta

"Last year alone I did 87 reports with Report Master, charging between $250.00 and $320.00 each. That's over $20,000.00!"

- Dr. Wilson Barton

"I am a 10+ year Report Master veteran. Over that time, I have been through multiple reviews and audits, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of personal injury and workman's compensation cases, in which my notes stood up to rigorous examination.

"Please feel free to call me for a more detailed description of just how powerful Report Master is.  Call Report Master and they'll get you my personal cell phone number.

- Dr. Leo Boisvert, Today Chiropractic

"Last year alone, I made enough money charging for my notes and reports, to pay off my new Audi TT! Also, if you don't have good S.O.A.P.'s in New Jersey, you're done. Thanks Report Master!

- Dr. Jason Tirado

"We're getting paid now where we hadn't been getting paid before Report Master."

- Dr. Mark Glynn

"Your software has paid for itself 100 times over."

- Dr. Joe Clinton

"On the second day of using Report Master, I kicked myself...Why didn't I do this a year ago? And I was amazed at the ease of customization!"

- Dr. James Polsky

"The simpler it is, the more I like it.  And I like it a lot!"

- Dr. Bob Parkhill

"The only thing easier than using Report Master, is not doing S.O.A.P.'s at all."

- Dr. Jeff Dill

Concise & Thorough Narratives & Daily SOAPs Notes are the Key to Getting Fully Paid and Eliminating Costly Kickbacks of Claims

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